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29th June 2012

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7th April 2012

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While watching Icarly:



When it started:

During the commerical:

When they first came on:

When they talked:

When Spencer came on:

When Gibby sang with them:

When Sam touched Zayn:

When Harry Layed in the bed:

When he touched her hand:

During another commerical:

Watching them act:

Listening to them sing:

When it was over:

this is seriously genius.

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10th March 2012

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10th March 2012

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10th March 2012

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10th March 2012

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Niall’s gifts during signings

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10th March 2012

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20th February 2012

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some bitch called One Direction ugly and talentless…


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20th February 2012

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20th February 2012

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